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Re: [libvirt] persistent->transient [was: [PATCH 8/8] UndefineFlags: Extend virsh undefine to support new flag]

于 2011年07月15日 00:25, Eric Blake 写道:
On 07/13/2011 09:56 PM, Osier Yang wrote:
-=item B<undefine>  I<domain-id>
+=item B<undefine>  I<domain-id>  optional I<--undefine-managed-state>

  Undefine the configuration for an inactive domain. Since it's not
  the domain name or UUID must be used as the I<domain-id>.
Oh, this is different than libvirt.c, which claimed you can run
'undefine' on a running persistent domain.  Which is it?  Can undefine
make a running domain transient, or must it be on an inactive domain?
No, document in libvirt.c is not correct, undefining on a running domain
will be refused.
I argue that we found a bug in the qemu driver then.

Right now, you can use 'virDomainDefineXML' to convert a transient guest
into a persistent one, but there is no counterpart operation to convert
a persistent guest back into a transient one.

That is, I think the libvirt.c docs are right in implying that you can
'undefine' a running domain, and that the qemu driver needs to be fixed
to allow this use case.

It looks  to me all of the dirvers which supports domain undefine don't allow to
undefine a running domain, except xend, ESX, and xenapi, which leave the
determination to the underlying hypervisor.

Either Dan, do you want to weigh in on this API question?

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