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Re: [libvirt] EMOTIVE Cloud based in Libvirt

On 07/14/2011 01:31 PM, Alex Vaqué Brull wrote:
> Hi,
> We can link in http://libvirt.org/apps.html EMOTIVE Cloud (
> www.emotivecloud.net ) ? It is an interesting middleware based in Libvirt.

Sure - we're always glad to advertise clients.   Which category does it
best belong in?  Perhaps IaaS?  Would you mind writing up a paragraph or
so about the project, or is this blurb from the project home page good

> EMOTIVE Cloud (Elastic Management Of Tasks In Virtualized Environments)
> The middleware EMOTIVE allows executing tasks and providing virtualized environments to the users with Xen, KVM or VirtualBox hypervisor. EMOTIVE main feature is VM management with different scheduling policies. It can be also used as a cloud provider and is very easy to extend thanks to its modular Web Services architecture.
> Furthermore, it also has the capability to use external resources, like from the public Cloud of Amazon EC2. This feature allows to be involved in a Cloud federation (insourcing/outsorcing) and create public, private and hybrids clouds.

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