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Re: [libvirt] gnulib compiler warning detection broken on RHEL5 autoconf

On 07/26/2011 04:45 AM, Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
I was wondering why I didn't see any compile warnings from the broken
gnutls code on RHEL5 when I noticed that we were building without any
compiler warning flags at all.

It seems configure fails on RHEL5 vintage autoconf

   checking whether compiler handles -Wall... ./configure: line 75468: ${$as_gl_Warn+set}: bad substitution

Yuck. I'll take a look (it may be that older autoconf has a bug, and I merely need to backport a workaround for that bug fix).

I'm guessing it is the gl_WARN_ADD() macro that is at fault somehow.

Very possible, in fact, it may be a case of gl_WARN_ADD using an autoconf macro and assuming newer semantics, where a bit more work is needed to guarantee support with autoconf 2.59.

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