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[libvirt] [PATCH 0/7] lxc: Improve container startup error reporting

Currently most LXC container startup failures result in a reported
success followed immediately by a guest shutoff.

This patch series tries to improve the situation by adding a basic
handshake from driver<->controller and controller<->container. If
the handshake fails, the driver will return the output from the
guest logfile, similar to how we do for qemu guests.

A few additional error reporting improvements are also included.

Cole Robinson (7):
  lxc: Drop container stdio as late as possible
  lxc: Don't report error in Wait/SendContinue
  lxc: Refactor controller command building
  lxc: Improve guest startup error reporting
  lxc: controller: Improve container error reporting
  lxc: Verify root fs exists before mounting
  lxc: Ensure container <init> actually exists

 src/lxc/lxc_container.c  |   67 +++++++++++-------
 src/lxc/lxc_container.h  |    2 +
 src/lxc/lxc_controller.c |   63 ++++++++++++++++-
 src/lxc/lxc_driver.c     |  173 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++---------
 4 files changed, 243 insertions(+), 62 deletions(-)


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