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Re: [libvirt] Driver development


I gathered information about that and I'll produce relevant documentation of my point tonight.

I'll be glad to do an informed and well structured work. Thanks!

Best regards,
Carlos "Bill" Nilton
CISSP, RHCE, ITIL Foundations

Em 8 de junho de 2011 15:41, Cole Robinson <crobinso redhat com> escreveu:
On 06/08/2011 07:10 AM, Carlos N. A. Corręa wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm interested in developing a new network driver for libvirt (one for the
> definition and management of OpenVSwitch datapaths).
> I've read some of the code already, and by now my general directions are:
> - Change the function virNetworkDefParseXML in src/conf/network_conf.c to
> define and parse new configuration directives needed by my driver
> - Use src/network/bridge_driver.c as a template for my new driver, replacing
> code from the services provided by the driver (listed on "virNetworkDriver"
> type) with my own code, for my own net type.
> Have you any other directions in this matter? Any tips? If it works, would
> be this code of any use to you?

For a starting point I'd recommend proposing your XML changes to the
list, and describe exactly what the new functionality will enable, and a
few use cases. Probably best to do this before starting any code so you
don't head in a wrong direction.

Check the past few month ML archives to see how some other developers
have proposed RFCs or XML changes.

- Cole

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