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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH] storage: Deactive lv before remove it

On 06/09/2011 08:33 AM, Jun'ichi Nomura wrote:

On 06/08/11 17:01, Osier Yang wrote:
This is to address BZ# https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=702260,
though even if with this patch, the user might see error like
"Unable to deactivate logical volume",

Can you try the attached patch?
(in addition to the upstream lvm fix you mentioned below)

Recent distributions generate udev events *after* the use of
devices through "watch" rules.
As a result, lvremove/lvchange can race with it and fail to
remove/deactivate volume.

I haven't tested the patch but I could fix the similar
problem of lvremove by putting 'udevadm settle' before that.
So I think it's worth trying.

it could fix the problem if the
lv is referred to by another existing LVs, allowing the user remove
the lv successfully without seeing error like "Can't remove open logical

For the error "Unable to deactivate logical volume", libvirt can't do
more, it's problem of lvm, see BZ#:

And the patch applied to upstream lvm to fix it:

This lvm patch fixes only the case where lvremove itself generates udev events.
You'll still see the problem as the udev events will be generated when
a VM finishes using the volume, for example.

I'm worried about using "udevadm settle" will introduce some delays,
but it looks to me this is the only workable fix for the bug, as for
"lvchange -an $vol; lvremove $vol", it could encount the similiar
problem with "lvremove -f", as you can still get the udev processing
event when doing "lvchange -an".

Anybody has thoughts on this? if no, I'd think Jun'ichi's patch is
nice, and push it.


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