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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH v4 RESEND 0/3] Add filesystem pool formatting

% hello, ping

于 2011年06月14日 16:16, Osier Yang 写道:

The following patches add the ability to format filesystem pools when
the appropriate flags are passed to pool build. This patch set introduces
two new flags:

VIR_STORAGE_POOL_BUILD_NO_OVERWRITE causes the build to probe for an
existing pool of the requested type.  The build operation formats the
filesystem if it does not find an existing filesystem of that type.

VIR_STORAGE_POOL_BUILD_OVERWRITE causes the build to format unconditionally.

[PATCH 1/3] storage: Add mkfs and libblkid to build system
[PATCH 2/3] storage: Add fs pool formatting
[PATCH 3/3] storage: Add virsh support for fs pool formating


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