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[libvirt] shared LVM volume group, should I use it?

Assume I want to have the root file system of the virtualization host
server in an LVM volume on the local hard drive.

Is it ok to have that LVM volume in the same LVM volume group that I
will later use as a Storage Pool for libvirt?

I already found a question about this:

and I also found this statement at opensuse.org:

"Security Considerations

In order to avoid data loss or data corruption, do not attempt to use
resources such as LVM volume groups, iSCSI targets, etc. that are used
to build storage pools on the VM Host Server, as well. "

The first source of information indicates it should be okay to share
the LVM volume group but the second source of information doesn't
indicate that.
What do you think?
Erik Sjölund

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