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[libvirt] [PATCH] build: fix 'make check' when pdwtags is available

Problem introduced in commit 6818cf86.

* src/remote_protocol-structs: Delete unused struct.

Pushing under the build-breaker rule.

Normally, deleting a struct from remote_protocol-structs is a
sign of an over-the-wire API breakage; but in this case, I've
verified that the new RPC code manages to represent the same
over-the-wire layout without needing this header struct.

 src/remote_protocol-structs |    8 --------
 1 files changed, 0 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)

diff --git a/src/remote_protocol-structs b/src/remote_protocol-structs
index c07ba81..25979b4 100644
--- a/src/remote_protocol-structs
+++ b/src/remote_protocol-structs
@@ -1615,11 +1615,3 @@ struct remote_domain_get_control_info_ret {
         u_int                      details;
         uint64_t                   stateTime;
-struct remote_message_header {
-        u_int                      prog;
-        u_int                      vers;
-        int                        proc;
-        remote_message_type        type;
-        u_int                      serial;
-        remote_message_status      status;

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