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Re: [libvirt] Question about PHP licencing for libvirt-php (php-libvirt for Fedora)

On 03/11/2011 04:15 AM, Lyre wrote:
On 03/10/2011 07:12 PM, Michal Novotny wrote:
Well, I agree that LGPLv2+ license would be better. We need to wait for Lyre's and Radek's reply then.

I agree with Radek:

> I prefer to use license that will allow widespread use of the project and ensure that if someone needs some additional function he/she will add them and share with others.

Since I don't understand those license well, I also don't mind if you guys change it to the suitable one.

So, is it OK to do what Daniel wrote about ? I mean this:

 So we avoid the PHP license for our code then. Here's what we do

 - Our code is licensed LGPLv2+
 - Project is named/described  'libvirt bindings for PHP'
 - RPM / tar.gz is named  php-libvirt  (this is in fact required by Fedora
   RPM guidelines for php extensions)

Is that OK with you Radek and Lyre or any other idea about the licence?


Michal Novotny<minovotn redhat com>, RHCE
Virtualization Team (xen userspace), Red Hat

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