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Re: [libvirt] libvirt configuration problem

2011/3/12 Onkar Mahajan <kern devel gmail com>:
> Hi ,
> I am getting errors while configuring libvirt to compile it from source.
> There is a error in libnl
> checking for UDEV... no
> checking whether to compile with macvtap support... yes
> checking whether to compile with virtual port support... no
> checking for LIBNL... no
> configure: error: libnl-devel >= 1.1 is required for macvtap support
> I have already installed the libnl library in /lib/
> [root localhost lib]# ls libnl*
> libnl.a       libnl-cli.so.2      libnl-genl.so        libnl-nf.a
> libnl-nf.so.2.0.0  libnl-route.so.2      libnl.so.2.0.0
> libnl-cli.a   libnl-cli.so.2.0.0  libnl-genl.so.2      libnl-nf.la
> libnl-route.a      libnl-route.so.2.0.0
> libnl-cli.la  libnl-genl.a        libnl-genl.so.2.0.0  libnl-nf.so
> libnl-route.la     libnl.so
> libnl-cli.so  libnl-genl.la       libnl.la             libnl-nf.so.2
> libnl-route.so     libnl.so.2
> Please help me !!
> Regards,
> Onkar

The configure script uses pkg-config to detect libnl. Therefore,
pkg-config must be able to find the libnl-1.pc file. On my system it's
/usr/lib/pkgconfig/libnl-1.pc and pkg-config finds it by default.

You can use

  pkg-config --modversion libnl-1

to check the version. If pkg-config can't find the file it'll complain
and suggest that you set the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable to
point to the directory containing the libnl-1.pc file, like this

  PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/path/to/directory pkg-config --modversion libnl-1

You can then run configure the same way

  PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/path/to/directory ./configure


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