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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH] setmem: provide dummy impls for remaining drivers

Hi Eric,

> Hmm, re-reading this patch exposes a problem (existing before this
> patch, and this patch doesn't change the situation):
> In 0.8.8, 'virsh setmem' on xen:/// meant:
> if guest is live, then affect live (only); otherwise affect config
> But with this patch, 'virsh setmem --live' will _still_ affect a config.
> What we need is three flags instead of two:
> VIR_DOMAIN_MEM_CURRENT - use LIVE or CONFIG according to domain state
> where we document that virDomainSetMemory is hypervisor-defined whether
> it implies CURRENT (xen) or LIVE (qemu), and where
> virDomainSetMemoryFlags properly honors all three flags for both
> hypervisors.

 Does this indicate that the new option "--current" is added to "virsh setmem"
 Or does this indicate "virsh setmem" command with --live option invokes
xenUnifiedDomainSetMemoryFlags with VIR_DOMAIN_MEM_CURRENT in case of Xen?

Taku Izumi <izumi taku jp fujitsu com>

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