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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH] setmem: provide dummy impls for remaining drivers

Hi Eric,

> I think what this means is that we do need three boolean flags in the
> virsh command:
> virsh setmem                 =>  virDomainSetMemory (which in turn might
> be virDomainSetMemoryFlags(,0) or virDomainSetMemoryFlags(,_LIVE)
> depending on hypervisor)
> virsh setmem --live          =>  virDomainSetMemoryFlags(,_LIVE)
> virsh setmem --config        =>  virDomainSetMemoryFlags(,_CONFIG)
> virsh setmem --live --config =>  virDomainSetMemoryFlags(,_LIVE|_CONFIG)
> virsh setmem --current       =>  virDomainSetMemoryFlags(,0)
> virsh setmem --current --live =>  virsh error
> virsh setmem --current --config =>  virsh error
> and since virDomainSetMemory no longer implies _LIVE for all
> hypervisors, we also have to delete the current code base fallback of:
> virsh setmem --live =>  virDomainSetMemory
> That is, no flags gets the old API with its hypervisor-specific quirks,
> and any flag at all requires the new API and has exact control over what
> gets modified.
> Is this something you are willing to tackle?

Thank you for providing further information.
I'm not sure if I can understand this completely, but I'm willing to do.

Taku Izumi

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