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[libvirt] What about Trusted Virtual Domains???

Hi guys...

I need an opinion from the Libvirt community about the development of
a new possible Libvirt feature: the Trusted Virtual Domains (TVD).
Conceptually, a TVD can be compared to a mix of Virtual Private
Network (VPN) and Virtual LAN (VLAN).

My idea is to define a new Libvirt entity called "tvd" which contains
the information about domains and hosts belonging to the same TVD.
Below is showed a possible XML definition of tvd entity:

    <tvd name='tvd1.mycloud' uuid='...'>
        <host ip='' hostname='node1.example.com'>
            <domain name='guest1' uuid='...' />
            <domain name='guest27' uuid='...' />
        <host ip='' hostname='node2.example.com'>
            <domain name='guest12' uuid='...' />
            <domain name='guest2' uuid='...' />

With the informations contained in the tvd XML definition, Libvirt may
be able to automatically setup, for example, an IPSec tunnel between
node1.example.com and node2.example.com, and VLAN between guest1,
guest2,guest12 and guest27.

In my opinion, this feature may be really useful in a cloud computing scenario.

And you? What about it? It is a crazy idea? ;-)

Thanks in advance for the replies!




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