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Re: [libvirt] access with VNC and graphic interface

28.03.2011 15:10, Kenneth Nagin пишет:
libvirt provides vnc to access the VMs under its control.
However, I can not get applications with graphical interface to run when I
use vnc to access a VM.
The same applications will display properly if I ssh -X to the VM.
Is there anyway to overcome this problem?

Best Regards,

Kenneth Nagin

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Libvirt doesn't provide vnc console, it's only framework to manage running of kvm/xen/vbox processes, which can provide vnc access to virtual machine's console. You should think of this virtual machine as of real machine than needs X server to run gui apps. Do you have X server running on your virtual machine? You do not need X server started on virtual machine if you are using ssh X forwarding because you are executing app process on virtual machine and forwarding its connection to X server to X server running on your host/remote machine. (Yes, this method is great because it allows to run gui aps on headless server).

BTW even if you will run X on you virtual machine you will have problems with copy/paste buffer which will not work through kvm vnc, so maybe you'll better with ssh -X.

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