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Re: [libvirt] virsh sechedinfo/memtune with libvirt-0.8.8

The  bugzilla  advice/patch below is not relevant here . Please see what 
is the reason for virsh schedinfo / memtune  not woking with libvirt-0.8.8 
and  libcgroup-0.36 while it does work with libvirt-0.8.3 and same 
libcgroup . 
Please dispatch to the appropriate person if you know the guy in charge.


Zvi Dubitzky 
Email:dubi il ibm com

From:   Osier Yang <jyang redhat com>
To:     Zvi Dubitzky/Haifa/IBM IBMIL
Cc:     libvir-list redhat com
Date:   28/03/2011 07:40
Subject:        Re: [libvirt] virsh sechedinfo/memtune  with libvirt-0.8.8

于 2011年03月28日 12:52, Zvi Dubitzky 写道:
> Sorry . I have'nt got an answer from the user's list .
> I have fedora14 installed with  its standard libvirt-0.8.3.  I can start
> VM
> using .xml files and also run: virsh schedinfo. the cgroup CPU
> controller is mounted and active . In fact I  have the path to the 
> machine :   /dev/cgroup/cpu/libvirt/qemu/<vm name>
> I now upgraded to libvirt-0.8.8 from a tar ball ( configure , make , 
> install) .  I rebooted , new libvirtd started . virsh is working ok
> (I can create a vm) except  for the commands : schedinfo and memtune 
> e.g.
> say upon  ' virsh schedinfo<vm name>'
> Scheduler      : Unknown
> error: Requested operation is not valid: cgroup CPU controller is not
> mounted
> But the CPU controller is mounted because I have the path :
> /dev/cgroup/cpu/libvirt/qemu/  .
> What I am missing is the<vm_name>  group which  is not generated despite
> that the VM was generated ok by virsh create and I can access it.
> Any idea what is missing  ?

AFAIK, it's some problem of libcgroup:


Guess following will work for you:

# cgclear
# cgconfigparser -l /etc/cgconfig.conf


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