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Re: [libvirt] libvirt-guests - migrate/relocate on stop feature request


> I'm using KVM in a clustered environment. When a host server shuts down or
> reboots the VM's should migrate to another cluster node. Currently I'm using
> a custom script for a two node cluster. It would be very nice if this
> feature could be incorporated into the libvirt-guests script. Or if a host
> could be specified as a relocation host.

In general, this should better be managed by a higher-level management
application that manages the whole cluster and migrate VMs to different hosts
when their original host is about to shutdown. But I agree that for simple
cases (such as yours two node cluster) this would be a pretty heavy weight
solution. Thus I think having this feature in libvirt-guests makes sense.

> Is there any chance for this feature to be added to the script?

I guess there is, especially after you sent the modified script :-) However,
could you send your modifications as a patch? Ideally using git but if that's
too much for you, even the output of

    diff -u unmodified-libvirt-guests modified-libvirt-guests

would work much better than just the modified script.


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