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Re: [libvirt] Virtual serial logging server?


2011/11/6 Reeted <reeted shiftmail org>:
> Dear all,
> please excuse the almost-OT question,
> I see various possibilities in quemu-kvm and libvirt for sending virtual
> serial port data to files, sockets, pipes, etc on the host.
> In particular, the TCP socket seems interesting.
> Can you suggest a server application to receive all such TCP connections and
> log serial data for many virtual machines at once?
> In particular I would be interested in something with quotas, i.e. something
> that deletes old lines from the logs of a certain VM when the filesystem
> space occupied by the serial logs of such VM gets over a certain amount of
> space. So that the log space for other VMs is not starved in case one of
> them loops.

May be you could build something around conserver: http://www.conserver.com


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