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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH 2/2] nwfilter: simplify execution of ebiptables scripts

On 11/09/2011 06:43 PM, Stefan Berger wrote:
On 11/09/2011 07:12 PM, Eric Blake wrote:

ACK with above nit fixed so it still works.

I've pushed the two patches with that fixed; I decided to keep them
separate for easier reversion of patch 2 if it turns out I was wrong
and we ever hit an E2BIG error due to not having unlimited command
line length.

Is 'getconf ARG_MAX' the command to use to determine the max. command
line size?

Thanks for the reminder. Yes, 'getconf ARG_MAX' is the current system limit, although getconf(1) isn't present on some systems (cygwin and mingw come rapidly to my mind). On my Fedora 14 system, I see a 2M limit for ARG_MAX; empirically, mingw has a much smaller limit of 32k.

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