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[libvirt] Bridged Networking Wiki Up-to-Date?


I just installed Fedora 16 on a new server and want to create a Fedora 16 virtual machine. I have not created or used VMs on Fedora in quite some time. Now I have several compelling reasons to use Fedora virtualization so I am kind of "coming back" to it. Is the libvirt bridged networking wiki up-to-date?


My hope is that the default networking support provided on Fedora 16 will let any virtual guest connect to any other host on my internal LAN (within reason, of course) so that for example one virtual guest can be dedicated as a DNS server and all the other hosts on my network can query it. That is, I hope I won't need to do extensive additional networking support when I create the guest OS, but I am willing to if I have to.


Bob Cochran

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