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Re: [libvirt] New feature for libvirt

On 11/17/2011 02:04 AM, Amit Tewari wrote:



I wanted to suggest a new feature development in libvirt network filter.

Currently in libvirt network filter there is no support for ip aliasing, but we want to add this feature so that libvirt learns multiple ip address for a virtual machine.

Great. David Stevens's patches tries to address exactly this issue by learning from DHCP requests a VM is sending. I am currently morphing the network filtering subsystem to be able to cope with multiple IP addresses per interface (lists of items). I hope we will be able to provide this functionality within 0.9.8 timeframe...



With this feature we will be able to get no-ip-spoofing filter works on machine with ip aliasing.

Currently if we apply no-ip-spoofing filter on a virtual machine with ip aliasing then only one ip address is earned by libvirt ,due to this other aliased ip address packets are not allowed to route out of the machine.

With this new feature libvirt network filter will work on machine with multiple ip addresses on a interface(ip aliasing)



Amit Tewari



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