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Re: [libvirt] Upgrade-problems from qemu-0.14.1 + libvirt-0.8.4 to qemu-0.15.1 + libvirt-0.9.6: Why I think multifunction=on is a bad idea...


On Thursday 17 November 2011 18:39:15 Eric Blake wrote:
> Is any of this worth keeping on the public libvir-list?

Not much but to be careful when you upgrade any part of libvirt, qemu(-kvm) or 
it's (external*) dependencies like etherboot/iPXE, vgabios and seabios, 
because it can invalidate your snapshots and saved state.

(*): As Debian does for DFSG-compliance, since it replaces the seabios / 
vgabios / pxe-bios as shipped with qemu by a version compiled from 
(different) sources.

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