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Re: [libvirt] Associate a LUN as disk with WWNN/WWPN

On 11/28/2011 03:01 PM, Dave Allan wrote:
We'd then extend the domain disk XML to take a pool/volume

I like the idea.  It could be used for other things:

- QEMU usermode iSCSI backend, including storing iSCSI secrets outside the domain XML. In this case, multiple domains will usually share the pool and specify different volumes.

- SCSI controller passthrough: instead of defining the destination
inside the domain XML, just refer to a SCSI (or perhaps iSCSI) pool. NPIV ends up being a special case.

However, for the case of controller passthrough, wouldn't you end up basically with a separate pool for each domain? Especially for NPIV where each domain will use a separate WWPN/WWNN? It's still an advantage compared to duplicating the WWPN/WWNN once per LUN, but it may be a bit complex to manage.


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