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Re: [libvirt] KVM Call Agenda for 12/6 (Tuesday) @ 10am US/Eastern

On 11/30/2011 10:29 AM, Chris Wright wrote:
* Anthony Liguori (aliguori us ibm com) wrote:

I'd like to propose that we discuss guest agent convergence in our next KVM
call.  I've CC'd folks from oVirt and libvirt to join the discussion.

I think we should probably attempt to have some structure to the discussion.
I would suggest:

1. A short introduction to each of the guest agents, what guests they
support, and what verbs they support.

I think we did this once before w/ Matahari.  Can we please capture
these things in email before the call, so people actually have time
to ponder the details.

2. A short description of key requirements from each party (oVirt, libvirt,
QEMU) for a guest agent

Same here...call this the abstract/intro of the above detailed list of
verbs and guest support, and send it by Friday this week.

I know there's plenty of details buried in the current thread and old
discussions of Matahari.  But that's just it...buried...

3. An open discussion about possible ways to collaborate/converge.

That should really help facilitate this item ;)

Good suggestions!


Anthony Liguori


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