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[libvirt] [RFC PATCH 0/3] Guest NUMA topology support - v0


I discussed the possibilities of adding NUMA topology XML specification
support for guests here some time back. Since my latest proposal
didn't get any response, I am posting a prototype implementation
that supports specifying NUMA topology for QEMU guests.

- The implementation is based on the last proposal I listed above.
- The implementation is for QEMU only.
- The patchset has gone through extremely light testing and I have
  just tested booting a 2 socket 2 core 2 thread QEMU guest.
- I haven't really bothered to cover all the corner cases and haven't
  run libvirt tests after this patchset. For eg, there is no code
  to validate if the CPU combination specified by <topology> and
  <numa> match with each other. I plan to cover all these after we
  freeze the specification itself.


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