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Re: [libvirt] [PATCHv2 12/7] snapshot: implement snapshot roots listing in esx

You probably meant vbox and not esx in the subject, didn't you?

2011/10/4 Eric Blake <eblake redhat com>:
> Commit 9f5e53e introduced the ability to filter snapshots to
> just roots, but it was never implemented for VBox until now.
> The VBox documentation makes it appear that there can only be
> at most one root snapshot, which will be found by searching
> for the snapshot with a NULL uuid.
> * src/vbox/vbox_tmpl.c (vboxDomainSnapshotNum)
> (vboxDomainSnapshotListNames): Implement limiting list to root.
> ---
> Caveat: I was only able to compile-test this.  Nothing in the VBox
> documentation that I read mentioned what happens if you try to call
> IConsole::deleteSnapshot on the root snapshot with branched children
> (well, it is obvious that prior to VBox 3.1, this will fail, because
> branched snapshots in general were not supported before then).  If,
> like other hypervisors, it is possible to delete the root, leaving
> multiple children as independent roots, then I have no idea how to
> list those additional roots, since IMachine::findSnapshot is only
> wired to return a single root when passed a NULL search string.
> So I blindly assumed that at most 1 root is possible, and am hoping
> that VBox rejects attempts to delete the root if it has multiple
> children.

There's a trick, VBox doesn't allow you to delete a snapshot with more
than one child. So you can never create a situation with multiple

>  src/vbox/vbox_tmpl.c |   37 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-----
>  1 files changed, 32 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

Tested (but only on VBox 4.0), works, ACK.

Matthias Bolte

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