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[libvirt] [PATCH V3 0/4] Support for multiple IP addresses using lists

This patch series builds on the previously posted patch series


and introduces the capability to assign a list to a variable and
have multiple rules instantiated, one for each item in the list.
This means, that if for example a variable like IP has been assigned
a list of values

   IP = [,,]

it will instantiate 3 rules (on the ebtables/iptables level) for a single
XML filtering rule. This in turn allows us to build filters that can
evaluate multiple possible values per field, i.e., allow the filtering for
multiple IP addresses (per interface). It would then need David Steven's
patch for support of 'RETURN' (and 'CONTINUE') target(s).

 - following Daniel Berrange's comment regarding how a list of items
   should be represented in the XML

 - reimplementation of iterator
 - other nits


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