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Re: [libvirt] changes to domain XML for SCSI support

On 10/26/2011 06:15 PM, Dave Allan wrote:
>  In NPIV, a virtual HBA is created using "virsh nodedev-create" and
>  passed to the guest.  Such virtual adapter does have a stable
>  address, namely its WWN.  As such, it can be addressed simply by
>  generalizing the kind of source address that can be passed to
>  <hostdev type='scsi_host'/>:
>     <hostdev type='scsi_host'>
>       <source>
>         <address type='wwn' wwpn='...' wwnn='...'/>
>       </source>
>     </hostdev>
>  (Note that this doesn't use<source name='...'/>  and, as such, it
>  does not rely on the ideas above).

How do you envision migration working with NPIV?

Perhaps there could be inactive nodedevs (i.e. you would add define/undefine/start/stop verbs), and a <source name='...'> element would trigger creation/destruction of those nodedevs around the VM's lifetime. Then migration would trigger destruction on the source and creation on the destination. I haven't thought much about it though.


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