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[libvirt] [PATCH 0/7] Expose QEMU APIs to Python binding

This patchset is to expose QEMU APIs to Python binding, as we
don't intend to support the QEMU APIs officially, it's exposed
seperately with general libvirt APIs with standalone
libvirt_qemu.py and libvirtmod_qemu.so. And there is no class
for QEMU APIs, there are written directly as function in

How to use the APIs.

#! /usr/bin/python -u
import libvirt
import libvirt_qemu

conn = libvirt.open(None)
dom = conn.lookupByName('test')

print libvirt_qemu.qemuMonitorCommand(dom, 'info blockstats', 1)
libvirt_qemu.qemuAttach(conn, 2307, 0)

PS: make check/make dist/make rpm are passed.

[PATCH 1/7] qemu_api: Modify apibuild.py to generate docs for QEMU
[PATCH 2/7] qemu_api: Update Makefile for subdir docs
[PATCH 3/7] qemu_api: Add comments for API
[PATCH 4/7] qemu_api: Add override XML and C files for QEMU APIs
[PATCH 5/7] qemu_api: Update Py binding generator to generate files
[PATCH 6/7] qemu_api: Update Makefile to generate libvirtmod_qemu
[PATCH 7/7] qemu_api: Update libvirt spec file


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