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Re: [libvirt] Qemu/KVM is 3x slower under libvirt

On 09/29/11 02:39, Chris Wright wrote:
Can you help narrow down what is happening during the additional 12
seconds in the guest?  For example, does a quick simple boot to single
user mode happen at the same boot speed w/ and w/out vhost_net?

Not tried (would probably be too short to measure effectively) but I'd guess it would be the same as for multiuser, see also the FC6 sub-thread

I'm guessing (hoping) that it's the network bring-up that is slow.
Are you using dhcp to get an IP address?  Does static IP have the same
slow down?

It's all static IP.

And please see my previous post, 1 hour before yours, regarding Fedora Core 6: the bring-up of eth0 in Fedora Core 6 is not particularly faster or slower than the rest. This is an overall system slowdown (I'd say either CPU or disk I/O) not related to the network (apart from being triggered by vhost_net).

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