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Re: [libvirt] 0.9.11 rc2, FreeBSD

On Mon, Apr 02, 2012 at 11:34:09AM -0700, Jason Helfman wrote:
> Hi,
> I was able to get rc2 to build on FreeBSD.
> Here are the buildlogs for current release of FreeBSD (9):
> http://lorie.secnap.net/tb/index.php?action=display_markup_log&build=9-jgh_AMD64&id=1289
> http://lorie.secnap.net/tb/index.php?action=display_markup_log&build=9-jgh_I386&id=1289

Oooh, you have some interesting warnings there I've not seen before
with my GCC

1357    conf/domain_conf.c: In function 'virDomainDiskDefParseXML':
1358 	conf/domain_conf.c:3602: warning: null format string [-Wformat]
1359 	conf/domain_conf.c:3619: warning: null format string [-Wformat]
1360 	conf/domain_conf.c: In function 'virDomainFSDefParseXML':
1361 	conf/domain_conf.c:4138: warning: null format string [-Wformat]
1362 	conf/domain_conf.c:4144: warning: null format string [-Wformat]
1363 	conf/domain_conf.c: In function 'virDomainDefParseXML':
1364 	conf/domain_conf.c:7722: warning: null format string [-Wformat]
1365 	CC libvirt_conf_la-domain_audit.lo
1366 	CC libvirt_conf_la-domain_nwfilter.lo
1367 	CC libvirt_conf_la-domain_event.lo
1368 	CC libvirt_conf_la-network_conf.lo
1369 	conf/network_conf.c: In function 'virNetworkDefParseXML':
1370 	conf/network_conf.c:957: warning: null format string [-Wformat]
1371 	CC libvirt_conf_la-nwfilter_params.lo
1372 	CC libvirt_conf_la-nwfilter_conf.lo
1373 	CC libvirt_conf_la-node_device_conf.lo
1374 	conf/node_device_conf.c: In function 'virNodeDeviceDefParseXML':
1375 	conf/node_device_conf.c:1162: warning: null format string [-Wformat]

...and quite a others of the same issue...

What GCC version does FreeBSD 9 have ?

Also more generally, any reason you don't enable the test suite:

1755 	================================================================
1756 	====================<phase 5: make test>====================
1757 	add_pkg
1758 	make: don't know how to make regression-test(continuing)
1759 	1 error
1760 	================================================================

I'd hope to should pass, and would be interested in any failures

More generally do you have plans to enable more of the hypervisor
drivers besides ESX, VMWare & VirtualBox ?  In theory at least QEMU
and Xen are relevant to the FreeBSD.

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