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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH 00/10] Enable loadable modules for libvirtd

On Mon, Apr 02, 2012 at 08:57:11PM +0100, Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
> For a long timer we've had the ability to build each libvirt
> driver as a loadable module. We have never used this by default
> and as a result it constantly bit-rots.
> This series fixes various bugs, and then enables it by default
> in configure. It also makes the PRMs use the loadable modules,
> adding new new sub-RPMs for each module. We can now finally
> install minimal libvirt binaries for each hypervisor.
> ie  yum install libvirt-kvm
>  will not pull in Xen libraries!

  Okay, I understand the principle, and this sounds good. I'm sorry
for not having caught up the RPM server refactoring patch earlier, I
would have discussed that scenario, and would have avoided me reverting
your patch (I really dislike doing this, I guess that was the first
time I ever did this) but this was IMHO too much change and too early.

 I completely agree with the scenario of being able to do

   yum install libvirt-kvm

and have libvirt daemon, the bits for the daemon qemu/kvm support,
and related configuration files being pulled in, as well as hooking
up the hypervisor dependency. But to me that means one specific
libvirt-kvm package (tied to the daemon anyway the client should
be agnostic about it), not two !

  We should aim at minimizing the number of actual packages while
still providing the needed modularization. So I would expect:
  - libvirt (the server and its basic config file)
  - libvirt-client (as usual)
  - libvirt-kvm (can we merge -kvm and -qemu ?)
  - libvirt-xen
  - libvirt-lxc
  - libvirt-uml
  - libvirt-network (our default network config)
  - libvirt-devel (as usual)
  - libvirt-lock-sanlock (as usual)
  - libvirt-python (as usual)

for a separate split of the documentation currently in the -devel package
I'm not so sure it's worth changing but I don't have a strong opinion


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