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Re: [libvirt] Start of freeze for libvirt-0.9.11 and availability of rc1

2012/4/2 Maxim Sditanov <feniksa rambler ru>
2012/4/2 Jiri Denemark <jdenemar redhat com>
On Sat, Mar 31, 2012 at 21:35:50 -0400, Laine Stump wrote:
> On 03/31/2012 07:56 AM, Daniel Veillard wrote:
> >  I just made the second release candidate
> >
> >   ftp://libvirt.org/libvirt/libvirt-0.9.11-rc2.tar.gz
> >
> > along with the rpms and tagged the git tree.
> >
> >  It seems to work okay in my limited testing. If all goes well I would
> > probably push on Tuesday,
> >
> A gentoo user reported in irc (#virt on irc.oftc.net) earlier today that
> builds were failing for him on a fresh checkout from git:
>    <feniksa> hi, when i compile libvirt on my gentoo i get warning:
>      cc1: warning: unrecognized command line option
> "-Wno-suggest-attribute=const"
>      cc1: warning: unrecognized command line option
> "-Wno-suggest-attribute=pure"
>    <feniksa> gcc (Gentoo 4.5.3-r2 p1.1, pie-0.4.7) 4.5.3
>    <feniksa> last part of conf: http://pastebin.com/gnT4Y2Ba
>              and compile log http://pastebin.com/FcSwshzS

It's important to note that those warnings never show up on their own. They
are only printed in case there is something else the compiler warns about
(libnl header issue covered by gentoo bug #366561 in this case).

Yes, this warning present in gentoo libnl-1.1-r2 and patch doesn't present in gentoo main tree.
I will try to contact with gentoo maintainer and ask to make "some activity".
And I
remember seeing it since these gcc options were introduced several releases

This option present in gcc 4.5.3 (i made test on hello world). No warning about unrecognized params with
another files. Also, other files compile without warning. You can see it on this part of log: http://pastebin.com/wPnLJ1Fx (verbose build mode)
I think, this is not problem of libvirt

Good news. gentoo applied patch to upstream for libnl-1.1


This patch will enable ability to build libvirt on gentoo with -Wwarning=error by default, without crutches

With best wishes, Feniks Gordon Freeman

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