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Re: [libvirt] [test-API PATCH 0/4]Add feature to check case file before running

On 04/13/2012 08:19 PM, Martin Kletzander wrote:
On 04/12/2012 07:03 PM, Guannan Ren wrote:
On 04/12/2012 09:43 PM, Guannan Ren wrote:
On 04/12/2012 07:53 PM, Peter Krempa wrote:
I don't think pushing this series without a review was a good idea.
You actualy broke all of the tests in the repos/ as you didn't do the
modifications to the parameter checking algorithm in a way that
didn't require modification of the tests, neither did you change the
tests to cope with the new code. The result is now:

exception.TestCaseError: 'required_params or optional_params not
found in interface:destroy'

or similar for every test case.


     Yes, sorry about this.
     There is some new feature and cleanup work on my hand, I don't know
     the exact time to get review.
     The error is generated by framework.  the part job of framework is
     The cleanup work on testcase is ongoing,  I am sure that I will
finish the work today.

         The cleanup is done and pushed.
         I only wan to send framework code here, the cleaning code in
testcases is huge
         and mechanical, maybe nobody likes seeing it :)
         Sorry about the intact commit again.

         Guannan Ren
I was writing next email about this when the internet at my place (and
thus VPN) started disconnecting me.
I had a thought in mind how we can keep all the tests working without
any change. However if this is now fixed then the thought is not needed
Next time if there is some major change like this, then I'd like to keep
it that way. In case we don't rewrite it from scratch of course :)


Any change to the framework will lead to big changes to all existing testcases. It worth though, but don't worry, I like to do the labor work. you guys just focus
      on framework.

      Guannan Ren

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