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Re: [libvirt] [test-API 00/14] Reorgnize/refactoring round 3

On 2012年04月19日 10:25, Osier Yang wrote:
The TODO in round 2 is still not done, but let's get these
cleanups reviewed first.

Osier Yang (14):
   Change libvirt-test-api to be executable
   Remove NEWS and TODO
   Destroy utils/check.py and move the functions into utils/utils.py
   Move directory dist to src
   Move utils/env_parser.py into src
   Improve the comments telling what the scripts does for utils/*.py
   Improve more comments to tell what the program does
   Remove trainling blank lines for utils/*.sh
   Use bash as the interpreter explicitly
   Substitute 'guesttype' with 'virt_type'
   Update AUTHORS
   Rename utils/*.py with consistent naming style
   Rename src/logxmlparser.py as src/log_generator.py
   Rename 'env.cfg' as 'global.cfg'

Pushed the set, except 9/14. Though I don't quite agree with the
NACK, let's sort it out later.


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