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Re: [libvirt] some questions

Hi user-mirror,
It's not clear for your test environment such as OS platform,
libvirt, virt-manager and kvm version, etc. In addition, if
you can reproduce the issue again, please attach related logs
file as a attachment such as libvirtd.log and virt-manager.log, 
it will be helpful to narrow debugging time.

If you don't know how to generate a customized libvirtd.log,
please refer to this link:

For virt-manager logs, it locates in ~/.virt-manager/virt-manager.log.


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Sent: Tuesday, April 24, 2012 4:15:30 PM
Subject: [libvirt] some questions

Nice to meet you!I'm a college student from Xi'an China.I have some
questions when using virt-manager to migrate virtual machine live based
on shared memory.I found a website telling me how to migrate virtual
machine live by virt-manager and here is the
it's written in Chinese).However,we find that the virtual machine
running on the dest host is a blank screen and virt-manager shows the
virtual machine is running.We don't know why it's a blank screen and i
wish you dear developers can do me a favor.Thanks very much and hope to
receive your E-mails!

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