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[libvirt] libvirt stable releases

Hi all,

An idea we've kicked around for awhile in Red Hat/Fedora land is doing
official libvirt stable releases, but nothing ever took shape. The idea was
brought up again recently and I've offered to help get something going.

I've pushed an upstream v0.9.11-maint branch with a bunch of patches
cherry-picked to libvirt 0.9.11. Shortly I'll be cutting a and
pushing it to the website, like other releases.

Why 0.9.11? Because that's what we will be shipping in Fedora 17 :) Typically
our policy with fedora is to stick with one libvirt version for the length of
a release. Cutting stable releases should save us from having to backport
patches, and hopefully get us more bug fixes than backporting only what our
users report.  So I don't plan on doing a similar branch for 0.9.12 or 0.9.13,
but will probably do a branch in 6 months time for whatever libvirt version we
are shipping in Fedora 18.

While my primary motiviation at the moment is making Fedora maintenance
easier, I hope that other distros will use the stable releases as well, where
we can all benefit from each others QA and attention.

Any feedback appreciated!


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