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[libvirt] [PATCH] Use XDG Base Directories instead of storing in home


New to the list so hopefully I'm following the correct protocol.

Attached is a patch (mostly untested at the moment) to change the
default storage location from .libvirt to the locations defined in the
XDG Base Directory Specification

This has a number of advantages for us:

    It allows sharing a home directory between different machines, or
sessions (eg. using NFS)
    Cleanly separates cache, runtime (eg. sockets), or app data from
user settings
    Supports performing smart or selective migration of settings
between different OS versions
    Supports reseting settings without breaking things
    Makes it possible to clear cache data to make room when the disk
is filling up
    Allows us to write a robust and efficient backup solution
    Allows an admin flexibility to change where data and settings are stored
    It dramatically reduces the complexity and incoherence of the
system for administrators

This is a pretty important set of features for both enterprise and
individual use cases.
I hope you will please consider the change.


PS. This is also related to a goal for upstream GNOME

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