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[libvirt] QEMU 1.2 Test Day - August 16 2012

I have set up the QEMU 1.2 Testing wiki page and suggest August 16 as
the Test Day:


Test Day is an event for QEMU contributors and users to try out the
release candidate.  QEMU has a large feature matrix that is hard to
test by a single entity.  On Test Day everyone is encouraged to test
their favorite features, host OSes, and guest OSes to make sure that
the release candidate is stable.

Please add yourself to the http://wiki.qemu.org/Planning/1.2/Testing wiki page!

The Test Day is August 16 2012, one day after the planned -rc0
release.  On the day, use #qemu IRC on irc.oftc.net to chat about bugs
and update the wiki page with your pass/fail results.

There are usually -rc1, -rc2, ... follow-up release candidates.
Please retest those if you have time, especially if bugs you found are
supposed to be resolved.


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