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Re: [libvirt] PF interface brought down if guest using a VF in hostdev mode under 802.1Qbh

On 8/7/12 8:15 PM, "Laine Stump" <laine laine org> wrote:

>Yes, I believe you are correct that virNetDevSetOnline is being called
>with the wrong device name (I could be wrong though - is there maybe
>some odd rule that the PF must be UP before the VFs will be up?

PF should be UP prior to VF only if there is some proxy'ing or some
control data being sent by PF on behalf of VF. Same could be true for
bringing VF down. 

>In case
>case, we certainly shouldn't be setting the PF to IFF_DOWN). But in the
>case of PCI passthrough, does it even need to be called at all?

Not for PF for sure. While VF is getting disassociated with port profile,
VF interface still needs to be brought down. So virNetDevSetOnline should
be passed VF interface, if vf >= 0.

>Cc'ing Roopa in case she missed this in all the other traffic.

Invalid email id, cc'ing Christian instead.


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