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[libvirt] [PATCHv2 0/5] network: report #connections in network xml

This repost of an unreviewed patchset from last week is purely to
rebase - the "openvswitch in <network> 9 patch series is a
prerequisite of this, and this is a prerequisite of the vlan patch
series resend coming up.

These are all fairly short and simple, so shouldn't require too much
hair pulling to review :-)


The forward devices in direct mode (aka macvtap) networks already have
a counter to keep track of how many guest interfaces are using each
physical device. This series renames that counter to "connections",
then adds another connects counter to the toplevel of each network,
and outputs both of these counters (when non-0) with the live XML for
the network (i.e. it isn't output if you ask for the --inactive xml).

Someone working on a management application had requested this info,
and it already existed, so I thought I may as well expose it.

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