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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH 6/7] Forward Mode Hostdev network driver Implementation

> I'll be posting a proposed replacement patch for this one in a few
> minutes. Please try it out as soon as possible. I haven't gone through
> 7/7 yet, but with the small changes I've squashed in elsewhere, plus the
> 3.5/7 I posted and the 6/7 refactor I'm about to post, definitely the
> first 6 are ready to push.


Sorry for the errors that have been caused in this patch and thank you for 
refactoring the code. I have tested the patches 3.5 and 6 that you have sent
and everything works fine. Do you want me to post another iteration
of the patch series? 
> (By the way, a general note - I've been running "make check" and "make
> syntax-check" after applying each of your patches in succession, and
> came up with a *lot* of errors (see my add-on patch that I want to
> squash into 3/7). In particular, you seem to end up with a lot of lines
> that have trailing blanks - if you run "make syntax-check" on each
> patch, it will catch those. There are occasional slipups, but in general
> every patch is supposed to pass both make check and make syntax-check
> (and for a patch series, both of those should complete after applying
> each patch, not just after the end of the series).

Sorry I did not realize I had to perform these checks as well.
I will make sure I perform these checks henceforth.

> ===================

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