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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH 5/7] add qemuAgentCommand() for .qemuAgentCommand to remote driver

(2012/08/16 22:25), Martin Kletzander wrote:
On 08/15/2012 03:36 AM, MATSUDA Daiki wrote:
diff --git a/src/remote/remote_driver.c b/src/remote/remote_driver.c
index 353a153..3c60709 100644
--- a/src/remote/remote_driver.c
+++ b/src/remote/remote_driver.c
@@ -5368,6 +5368,7 @@ static virDriver remote_driver = {
      .domainSetMetadata = remoteDomainSetMetadata, /* 0.9.10 */
      .domainGetMetadata = remoteDomainGetMetadata, /* 0.9.10 */
      .domainGetHostname = remoteDomainGetHostname, /* 0.10.0 */
+    .qemuAgentCommand = qemuAgentCommand, /* 0.10.0 */

You probably want to call some function like
'remoteQemuDomainAgentCommand' or something like that since
qemuAgentCommand works locally and not remotely.

Yes. But the function name is generated automatically from QEMU_RPOC_AGNET_COMMAND.
And I will change it on next version. So, do you have suggestion name?
qemuDomainAgentCommand() from QEMU_PROC_DOMAIN_AGENT_COMMAND ?

I haven't had a look at the rest of the series. Please feel free to
correct me in case I've misunderstood the code somewhere.


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