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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH 07/15] RNG updates, new xml parser/formatter code to support interface type=hostdev-hybrid

On 08/10/2012 10:24 AM, Shradha Shah wrote:
> This patch introduces the new interface type='hostdev-hybrid' along with attribute managed
> Includes updates to the domain RNG and new xml parser/formatter code.
> ---

I'm assuming Laine will resume reviewing this series.  But in the
meantime, it may help if you rebase the remaining patches, since a lot
has gone in since you first posted.

> +++ b/docs/formatdomain.html.in
> @@ -2504,6 +2504,20 @@
>        guest instead of <interface type='hostdev'/>.
>      </p>
> +    <p>
> +      Libvirt later than 0.9.13 also supports "intelligent passthrough"

Rather than using 'later than 0.9.13', I'd use <span class="since">since

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