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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH] (updated) additional parameters needed for dnsmasq

On 08/22/2012 01:47 PM, Eric Blake wrote:
On 08/22/2012 11:39 AM, Eric Blake wrote:
On 08/22/2012 10:59 AM, Gene Czarcinski wrote:
As I said in a previous message, dnsmasq is forwarding a number of
queries upstream that should not be done.  There still remains an MX
query for a plain name with no domain specified that will be forwarded
is dnsmasq has --domain=xxx  --local=/xxx/ specified. This does not
happen with no domain name and --local=// ... not a libvirt problem.

ACK and pushed with the above tweak, and with adding you to AUTHORS (let
us know if you prefer any other spelling or email address; the file is
in UTF-8).
Oh, and now that I've already pushed, I have a high-level question: what
is the minimum version of 'dnsmasq' that supports the command-line
syntax that this patch introduces?

+--local=// --domain-needed --filterwin2k \
I honestly do not know for sure ... I am running dnsmasq-2.59 and checking the dnsmasq website shows that the latest is 2.63. The oldest "active" tarball is 2.45 and the example dnsmasq.conf it it has local= domain-needed and filterwin2k

I believe these have been around for some time and no version that libvirt would support will not support them.

BTW, I believe that you folks are making the right choice in using the long-names form of the options ... the single character versions can just be too confusing: "-s" and "-S" mean two very different things. "-s" is the same as "--domain" and "-S" is the same as "--server" which is also the same as "--local".

I am not absolutely sure that "--filterwin2k" is needed to get rid of the bad/undesired forwarding but it sounded like an option that should be used in any case.

If older dnsmasq doesn't recognize --local=// or the new --domain-needed
or --filterwin2k options, then we either need to make this code
conditional based on probing 'dnsmasq --help' at startup, or else change
the spec file to require a larger minimum version of dnsmasq (we already
require 2.41 for other reasons).

I went back and checked some of the older versions of dnsmasq (2.41 and 2.37). local=//, --domain-needed, and --filterwin2k are all present in the example dnsmasq.conf files. This is not to say the the dnsmasq software does exactly the same thing in all versions. According the the CHANGELOG, there was some code "tweaking" for domain-needed in 2.58.

I am truly sorry that my patch and email made life a bit difficult for you. I have not delved into any of the virtualization code and your setup & convensions are all reasonable but I just did not know. The last package I hacked around with was NetworkManager and libvirt is a lot different.

As far as the code change you made to my patch, both versions work but yours is a bit more eligant.


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