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Re: [libvirt] Regression issues with libvirt DAC isolation

On 27.08.2012 16:14, Marcelo Cerri wrote:
> Hi,
> I was notified that the latest patches for libvirt DAC isolation is
> causing some regression issues. I'm working on fixes for it but I have
> some doubts of how I should handle some scenarios. I'd appreciate some
> suggestions:
> * Item 3.2: this is a test case that uses only SELinux driver, but
> seclabels for both DAC and SELinux are dumped in guest's XML. Before my
> patches, libvirt already made use of DAC driver when running in
> privileged mode, but this wasn't reflected in guest's XML. I tried to
> keep the same behavior and libvirt still adds DAC driver when running in
> privileged mode, but I didn't realize this would impact in guest's XML.
> So, I'm thinking about two alternatives:
>  1. Simply do not add the DAC driver when running in privileged mode.
>  2. Keep it as it  is. Probably applications that parse guest's XML will
> continue to run without problems if they just consider the first
> security label.

Well, I'd say domain XML is supposed to grow over time and reflect new
features we add. So I vote for 2)

> * Item 4.1: an error is issued because model is not defined for a
> seclabel inside a device definition. model is used to differentiate each
> label and should only be required when more than one security driver is
> used. The problem here is related to the one in item 3.2, DAC was
> implicitly added because libvirt is running in privileged mode and so we
> have 2 drivers in use.
> I can use the order that seclabels appears in XML to match with the
> order that security drivers appears in qemu.conf to avoid this kind of
> error. What do you think of this solution?

Works for me.


> Regards,
> Marcelo
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