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Re: [libvirt] Release of libvirt-0.10.0

On Wed, Aug 29, 2012 at 01:26:54PM +0800, Daniel Veillard wrote:
>   As planned, I tagged the release this morning and pushed the builds
> at the usual place:
>    ftp://libvirt.org/libvirt/

With this (also with 0.10.0rc2) kvm domains won't start giving:

$ virsh start foo
error: Failed to start domain foo
error: internal error security image label already defined for VM

We have selinux disabled (--without-selinux). I didn't have a chance to
have a closer look (and possibly won't be for the next days) but I at
least wanted to report this here.
 -- Guido

>   This is a huge release, with close to 550 commits, which is normal
> considering the time since the 0.9.13 release, close to two month instead
> of one. I think it's better to go back to monthly releases schedule for
> now, and I would rather have the next one soon than late so expect to
> enter a freeze for 0.10.1 about 3 weeks from now.
>   So quite a lot of features in that version including the Parallel
> driver. But there is a very large set of commits which are code
> improvements and refactoring which don't show up as features but are
> fairly large !
> Features:
> - agent: add qemuAgentArbitraryCommand() for general qemu agent command (MATSUDA Daiki)
> - Introduce virDomainPinEmulator and virDomainGetEmulatorPinInfo functions. (Tang Chen)
> - network: use firewalld instead of iptables, when available (Thomas Woerner)
> - network: make network driver vlan-aware (Laine Stump)
> - esx: Implement network driver (Matthias Bolte)
> - driver for parallels hypervisor (Dmitry Guryanov)
> - Various LXC improvements (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Add virDomainGetHostname (Guido Günther)
> Documentation:
> - CPU allocation and pinning clarification (Martin Kletzander)
> - libssh2_transport: Add docs to remote.html (Peter Krempa)
> - Fix some typos in messages, docs and comments. (Yuri Chornoivan)
> - fix blockpull/blockcopy bandwidth Mbps -> MiB/s (Stefan Hajnoczi)
> - qemu: modify 3 error messages (Martin Kletzander)
> - Enhance documentation of log_filters (Jiri Denemark)
> - Update libvirtd --help output to match code (Doug Goldstein)
> - Update paths in man page to reflect libvirtd code (Doug Goldstein)
> - Fix man page file paths to real paths (Doug Goldstein)
> - Update documentation for CPU quota/period support for LXC (Sukadev Bhattiprolu)
> - docs/virsh: various minor fixes (Martin Kletzander)
> - autogenerate search.php (Martin Kletzander)
> - fix 404 page when fetched from different location (Martin Kletzander)
> - Add method to print warnings in docBuilder class (Peter Krempa)
> - maint: avoid regression on copyright listings (Eric Blake)
> - maint: Use consistent copyright. (Osier Yang)
> - add more description on libvirtd option timeout (Guannan Ren)
> - virsh man page - domain-id consistency (Jan Tomko)
> - Fixup manpage names and copyright dates (Laine Stump)
> - conf: Fix typo in virDomainHostdevSubsys comment (Jiri Denemark)
> - maint: spelling correction in AUTHORS (Eric Blake)
> - virsh: Clarify that memtune parameters may be rounded in the man page (Jan Tomko)
> - Fix time keeping example for the guest clock (Doug Goldstein)
> - Desert the FSF address in copyright (Osier Yang)
> - Improve patch submission guidelines (Michal Privoznik)
> - Clarify direct migration (Jiri Denemark)
> - added description of the vendor_id attribute (Hendrik Schwartke)
> - virsh: Clarify documentation for virsh dompmsuspend command (Peter Krempa)
> Portability:
> - Don't require gawk for a simple print expression (Guido Günther)
> - Portability fixes for non-linux or old linux platforms (Daniel Veillard)
> - build: define 'inline' iff HAVE_LIBNL1 (Michal Privoznik)
> - build: work with older libnl1 headers (Eric Blake)
> - specfile: require libnl3 for Fedora >= 18 and RHEL >= 7 (Laine Stump)
> - build: add LIBNL_CFLAGS to build of libvirt_lxc (Laine Stump)
> - Fix a missing build requirement on dbus-devel (Daniel Veillard)
> - Fix parameter list in virNetlinkEvent{Add,Remove}Client Win32 stubs (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - build: avoid $(builddir) in Makefile (Eric Blake)
> - build: network requires location of dbus headers (Eric Blake)
> - atomic: mark header functions static (Eric Blake)
> - build: work with glibc that lacks CPU_COUNT (Eric Blake)
> - build: work with older RHEL 5 kernel (Eric Blake)
> - build: silence stupid gcc warning on STREQ_NULLABLE (Eric Blake)
> - Fix parsing of uid/gid on Mingw32 (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - build: fix build with autoconf 2.59 (Eric Blake)
> - Fix build of virsh on Win32 by moving SA_SIGINFO stub (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Make Win32 stub of vshAskReedit non-static (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Fix WIN32 conditional for disabling console command (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - build: avoid warnings on older gcc (Eric Blake)
> - Fix virJSONValueToString prototype for Mingw32 (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - random: link with -lm when needed (Eric Blake)
> - build: fix link error with appArmor (Eric Blake)
> - virsh.c: Fix compiler warning (Cole Robinson)
> - Avoid clash of base64 symbols (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - build: fix build without HAVE_CAPNG (Eric Blake)
> - Fix libnl CFLAGS/LIBS inclusion (Doug Goldstein)
> - build: fix compilation without struct ifreq (Eric Blake)
> - configure: rbd doesn't need -lcrypto (Cole Robinson)
> - build: fix typo that breaks non-Linux builds (Eric Blake)
> BugFixes:
> - nwfilter: Don't try to acquire DBus context when DBus is disabled (Peter Krempa)
> - util: Prevent libvirtd crash (Alex Jia)
> - security_dac: Don't return uninitialised uid and gid for image labels (Peter Krempa)
> - security_dac: Don't return uninitialised value when parsing seclabels (Peter Krempa)
> - security_dac: Avoid segfault when no label is requested (Peter Krempa)
> - util: Fix error message when getpwuid_r fails to find the user (Peter Krempa)
> - conf: Fix the problem which cause libvirtd to crash (Osier Yang)
> - qemu: Fix define logic (Michal Privoznik)
> - qemu_agent: Switch to virReportSystemError() on system error (Michal Privoznik)
> - conf: prevent NULL pointer access in virSecurityLabelDefsParseXML (Ján Tomko)
> - rpc: fix segmentation fault caused by null client-sock (Guannan Ren)
> - qemu: fix regression with spice tls port allocation (Martin Kletzander)
> - qemu: fix regression with pinning (Martin Kletzander)
> - virsh: fix missing return value (Alex Jia)
> - xen-xs: fix uuid of renamed domain (Philipp Hahn)
> - openvz: check the exitstatus of vzlist (Laine Stump)
> - network: fix virtual network bridge delay setting (Laine Stump)
> - qemu: forbid suspend if already pmsuspended (Michal Privoznik)
> - fix check of vcpuid in virDomainVcpuPinDefParseXML (Hu Tao)
> - util: eliminate erroneous VIR_WARNs in (eb|ip)tables.c (Laine Stump)
> - dnsmasq: avoid forwarding queries without a domain (Gene Czarcinski)
> - virsh: don't print error info when snapshot xml is not changed (Guannan Ren)
> - Fix typo in Makefile.am  s/LDFOAGS/LDFLAGS/ (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - client: Change default location of known_hosts file for libssh2 layer (Peter Krempa)
> - command: avoid double close in virExecWithHook (Ján Tomko)
> - Fix regression generating image context (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - selinux: Fix incorrect object label generation. (Viktor Mihajlovski)
> - conf: log error when encountering multiple filterrefs in interface (Laine Stump)
> - openvz: unlock virDomainObj objects in openvzOpen (Dmitry Guryanov)
> - util: typos in fallback code fo virDoubleToStr (Martin Kletzander)
> - Fix timebomb in LIBVIRT_VERSION_INFO calculation (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - json: fix interface locale dependency (Martin Kletzander)
> - virsh: say save-image-edit failed only when it does (Ján Tomko)
> - sanlock: don't unlink lockspace if registration fails (Asad Saeed)
> - build: Distribute check-symfile.pl (Cole Robinson)
> - Release only specific sanlock resource (Frido Roose)
> - build: fix binary location in stap files --with-driver-modules (Laine Stump)
> - nwfilter: fix crash during filter define when lxc driver failed startup (Laine Stump)
> - nwfilter: remove target table before renaming it (Stefan Berger)
> - qemu: Fix debug message in p2p migration (Jiri Denemark)
> - Fix errno check, prevent spurious errors under heavy load (Peter Feiner)
> - rpc: fix a virObject typo error in struct _virNetServer (Guannan Ren)
> - Set LIBVIRT_AUTOSTART=0 when running test suites (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - qemu: Set reasonable RSS limit on domain startup (Michal Privoznik)
> - conf: Remove console stream callback only when freeing console helper (Peter Krempa)
> - client: Free message when freeing client (Peter Krempa)
> - build: fix "make rpm" (Laine Stump)
> - Fix typo s/AM_CLFAGS/AM_CFLAGS/ in sanlock link (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - virsh: console: Avoid using stream after being freed. (Peter Krempa)
> - remote: Fill snapshot argument in remoteDomainSnapshotListAllChildren (Peter Krempa)
> - qemu: Fix typo in qemuDomainModifyDeviceFlags (Michal Privoznik)
> - build: commit to 0.10.0 release naming (Eric Blake)
> - build: Link security driver into daemon (Jiri Denemark)
> - Fix rpm build failures (Daniel Veillard)
> - Add missing parallels_utils.h to Makefile.am (Daniel Veillard)
> - qemu: syntax fix (Marc-André Lureau)
> - qemu: fix use after free (Eric Blake)
> - build: distribute virsh related source files (Guannan Ren)
> - daemon: Fix crash in virTypedParameterArrayClear (Jiri Denemark)
> - conf: Remove callback from stream when freeing entries in console hash (Peter Krempa)
> - Process all pending I/O for a RPC client before checking EOF (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - libvirt-guests: systemd host shutdown does not work (Gerd v. Egidy)
> - virsh: Fix error resetting on fallback paths (Peter Krempa)
> - virsh: Check for existence of storage before undefining the domain (Peter Krempa)
> - util: Fix typoes on return value and comments (Guannan Ren)
> - fixed SegFault in virauth (Martin Kletzander)
> - virsh: fixed domdisplay command (Martin Kletzander)
> - building: fix deps error when some drivers are not built (Wen Congyang)
> - tests: avoid seclabeltest crash (Eric Blake)
> - Only enforce check for YAJL when starting a VM (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Make the 'lxc_driver' global variable non-static (Gao feng)
> - Reset the 'quit' flag in virNetServerRun (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Don't autostart domains when reloading config (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - esx: Fix esxVI_String_Deserialize (Matthias Bolte)
> - nodeinfo: deal with offline cpus in a node (Eric Blake)
> - lxcContainerMountCGroups also mounts a tmpfs that needs to be labeled. (Dan Walsh)
> - remote: Fix locking in stream APIs (Jiri Denemark)
> - qemu: Do not fail virConnectCompareCPU if host CPU is not known (Jiri Denemark)
> - qemu: Fix probing for guest capabilities (Jiri Denemark)
> - fix failure when building with --disable-debug (Hu Tao)
> - virsh: remove unnecessary sleep for nodecpustats --percent (Viktor Mihajlovski)
> - Fix daemon auto-spawning (Christophe Fergeau)
> - Fix directory removal in filesystem storage driver (Sascha Peilicke)
> - storage: Default pool permission mode to 0755 (Osier Yang)
> - Fix shutdown of LXC controller (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - openvz: Handle domain obj hash map errors (Guido Günther)
> - Fix /domain/features setting in qemuParseCommandLine (Christophe Fergeau)
> - systemd: start libvirtd after network (Jim Fehlig)
> - util: Use current uid and gid if they are passed as -1 for virDirCreate (Osier Yang)
> - virsh: Ensure the parents of the readline history path exists (Osier Yang)
> - Fix a string format bug in qemu_cgroup.c (tangchen)
> - storage_backend_fs: Allocate entry for host before accessing it (Peter Krempa)
> - storage_backend_fs: Don't free a part of a structure on error (Peter Krempa)
> - Only ummount /proc, /sys, /dev if the root source is '/' (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Fix one test regression on auth Ceph support (Daniel Veillard)
> - Avoid build shared source files again for libvirt_lxc (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - qemu: Always set auth_supported for Ceph disks. (Wido den Hollander)
> - virsh: Fix ordering of arguments when calling vshCalloc. (Peter Krempa)
> - remote: Fill remote parameters in remoteDomainListAllSnapshots() (Peter Krempa)
> - qemu: Mark domains as having managed state image only on managed save (Peter Krempa)
> - fix key error for qemuMonitorGetBlockStatsInfo (lvroyce)
> Improvements:
> - Introduce new VIR_ERR_AGENT_UNRESPONSIVE error code (Michal Privoznik)
> - qemu: Switch to unified func name (Michal Privoznik)
> - snapshot: rename an enum (Eric Blake)
> - snapshot: split snapshot conf code into own file (Eric Blake)
> - snapshot: make virDomainSnapshotObjList opaque (Eric Blake)
> - conf: Don't always require security/@model (Michal Privoznik)
> - security: Add DAC to security_drivers (Michal Privoznik)
> - nwfilter: don't log error if firewalld is disabled, improve diagnostics (Laine Stump)
> - qemu-agent: available in 0.10.0 (Eric Blake)
> - agent: add qemu-agent-command to virsh (MATSUDA Daiki)
> - agent: add python module support (MATSUDA Daiki)
> - agent: add remote driver support (MATSUDA Daiki)
> - agent: add qemu driver support (MATSUDA Daiki)
> - agent: add virDrvDomainQemuAgentCommand prototype for drivers. (MATSUDA Daiki)
> - agent : add @seconds variable to qemuAgentSend(). (MATSUDA Daiki)
> - Add uevent netlink service. (Tang Chen)
> - Introduce virNetlinkEventServiceStopAll() to stop all netlink services. (Tang Chen)
> - Improve netlink to support all protocol. (Tang Chen)
> - libssh2_session: Add support for creating known_hosts file (Peter Krempa)
> - qemu: support of emulator_period and emulator_quota's modification (Wen Congyang)
> - new interface to control emulator_period/emulator_quota (Hu Tao)
> - qemu: introduce period/quota tuning for emulator (Hu Tao)
> - limit cpu bandwidth only for vcpus (Hu Tao)
> - new command emulatorpin (Hu Tao)
> - Add a new function vshPrintPinInfo. (Hu Tao)
> - remote: introduce emulator pinning RPCs (Tang Chen)
> - qemu: support emulator pinning (Hu Tao)
> - Introduce virDomainEmulatorPinAdd and virDomainEmulatorPinDel functions (Tang Chen)
> - Add qemuProcessSetEmulatorAffinites and set emulator threads affinities (Tang Chen)
> - qemu: synchronize emulatorpin info to cgroup (Tang Chen)
> - Support emulatorpin xml parse. (Tang Chen)
> - Change virDomainVcpuPinDefParseXML to support parsing emulatorpin (Hu Tao)
> - Enable cpuset cgroup and synchronous vcpupin info to cgroup. (Hu Tao)
> - updates of some vcpupin related functions (Hu Tao)
> - refactor virDomainVcpuPinAdd() (Hu Tao)
> - add function bitmapFromBytemap() to convert bytemap to bitmap (Hu Tao)
> - create a new cgroup and move all emulator threads to the new cgroup (Wen Congyang)
> - Introduce the function virCgroupMoveTask (Hu Tao)
> - Introduce the function virCgroupForEmulator (Wen Congyang)
> - output status information during guest shutdown again (Gerd v. Egidy)
> - qemu: Disk Geometry Override Support (J.B. Joret)
> - Support for Disk Geometry Override (J.B. Joret)
> - nwfilter: provide basic support for firewalld (Stefan Berger)
> - sanlock: Provide better error if lockspace directory is missing (Jiri Denemark)
> - daemon: Autodetect lock driver directory (Jiri Denemark)
> - build: split driver_storage into convenience library (Eric Blake)
> - libssh2_transport: Use libssh2 driver code in remote driver (Peter Krempa)
> - libssh2_transport: Add libssh2 session support to net client code (Peter Krempa)
> - libssh2_transport: add ssh context support to virNetSocket (Peter Krempa)
> - libssh2_transport: add main libssh2 transport implementation (Peter Krempa)
> - Add test case for SELinux label generation (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Honour current sensitivity and category ranges in SELinux label generation (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - qemu: configurable remote display port boundaries (Martin Kletzander)
> - qemu: Unify port-wise SPICE and VNC behavior (Martin Kletzander)
> - virsh: split out virsh-volume.c (Eric Blake)
> - virsh: split out virsh-snapshot.c (Eric Blake)
> - virsh: split out virsh-secret.c (Eric Blake)
> - virsh: split out virsh-pool.c (Eric Blake)
> - virsh: split out virsh-nwfilter.c (Eric Blake)
> - virsh: split out virsh-nodedev.c (Eric Blake)
> - virsh: split out virsh-network.c (Eric Blake)
> - virsh: split out virsh-interface.c (Eric Blake)
> - virsh: declare more common functions (Eric Blake)
> - virsh: split out virsh-host.c (Eric Blake)
> - virsh: split out virsh-domain-monitor.c (Eric Blake)
> - Update the remote API (Marcelo Cerri)
> - Support for multiple default security drivers in QEMU config (Marcelo Cerri)
> - Update security layer to handle many security labels (Marcelo Cerri)
> - Multiple security drivers in XML data (Marcelo Cerri)
> - Internal refactory of data structures (Marcelo Cerri)
> - virsh: use common namespacing (Eric Blake)
> - Add support for creating sockets & RPC servers from a pre-opened fd (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Refactor impl of the virNetServerClientNew method (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Refactor the way new clients are registered with the server (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - virsh: split out virsh-domain.c (Eric Blake)
> - virsh: split out virsh.h (Eric Blake)
> - virsh: move vshWatchJob earlier (Eric Blake)
> - qemu: support netdevs from <forward mode='hostdev'> networks (Shradha Shah)
> - network: support <forward mode='hostdev'> in network driver (Shradha Shah)
> - conf: add function virDevicePCIAddressEqual (Shradha Shah)
> - network: return netdev name or pci addr of the VF in actualDevice (Shradha Shah)
> - conf: parser/formatter/rng for <forward mode='hostdev'> (Shradha Shah)
> - network: helper function to create interface pool from PF (Shradha Shah)
> - conf: move DevicePCIAddress functions to separate file (Shradha Shah)
> - conf: Fix ABI stability check for spicevmc channel (Jiri Denemark)
> - network: add support for setting VLANs on Open vSwitch ports (Kyle Mestery)
> - qemu: Set swap_hard_limit before hard_limit (Osier Yang)
> - build: ship stamp files (Eric Blake)
> - qemu: support setting vlan tag for <interface type='hostdev'> (Laine Stump)
> - util: properly save/restore original vlan tag for VFs (Laine Stump)
> - qemu: Ensure the cpuset is formatted as expected before passing to cgroup (Osier Yang)
> - conf: add <vlan> element to network and domain interface elements (Laine Stump)
> - util: add virNetDevVlanType (Laine Stump)
> - schema: fix some problems in network/interface schemas (Laine Stump)
> - util: include memory.h even if WITH_VIRTUALPORT isn't defined (Laine Stump)
> - Replace unset REMOTE_PID_FILE with proper value (Doug Goldstein)
> - Refactor RPC client private data setup (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Add further debugging lines to domain lock manager (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Allow sync IO and keepalives to be skipped in RPC client setup (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Change interaction when accepting new RPC client connections (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Add APIs for virThreadPoolPtr to query some config params (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Allow control over JSON string pretty printing (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Change function signature for creating new lock manager instances (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - parallels: add domain configuration example (Dmitry Guryanov)
> - parallels: cleanup parallelsOpen and fix error message (Dmitry Guryanov)
> - parallels: change URI to parallels:///system (Dmitry Guryanov)
> - virsh: Add helper to avoid the strcase check for virsh-*.c (Osier Yang)
> - network: add connections counter to networks (Laine Stump)
> - network: change cleanup: to success/cleanup/error: in network*() functions (Laine Stump)
> - conf: output forward device connections count in network XML (Laine Stump)
> - conf: rename interface "usageCount" to "connections" (Laine Stump)
> - conf: use a unique data type for PF array in virDomainNetDef (Laine Stump)
> - network: merge relevant virtualports rather than choosing one (Laine Stump)
> - conf: support partially-specified <virtualport> in parser and formatter (Laine Stump)
> - conf: simplify Buffer Indentation in virDomainNetDefFormat (Laine Stump)
> - conf: make error returns from virDomainActualNetDefFormat consistent (Laine Stump)
> - conf: move virtPortProfile out of unions in virDomainNetDef (Laine Stump)
> - util: utility functions for virNetDevVPortProfile (Laine Stump)
> - util: add openvswitch case to virNetDevVPortProfileEqual (Laine Stump)
> - util: eliminate union in virNetDevVPortProfile (Laine Stump)
> - util: make return value of virUUIDFormat and virMacAddrFormat useful (Laine Stump)
> - Pull code which finds a free MCS label out into its own method (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Honour current user and role in SELinux label generation (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Fix error reporting in virSecuritySELinuxGenNewContext (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Use VIR_ERR_CONFIG_UNSUPPORTED if requested security driver is disabled (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Add missing domain_conf.h include in security_manager.h (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Add virRandom() API to generate numbers with non-power-of-2 limit (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - virsh: make 'help' command ignore spurious options (Cole Robinson)
> - virsh: Convert '<cmd> --help' to 'help <cmd>' (Cole Robinson)
> - virterror: Add error message for unsupported operations. (Peter Krempa)
> - build: fix PROBE() usage of intptr_t (Eric Blake)
> - esx: Remove redundant checks for esxVI_LookupHostSystemProperties result (Matthias Bolte)
> - esx: Fix dynamic deep copy (Matthias Bolte)
> - esx: Implement interface driver (Matthias Bolte)
> - Add APIs for obtaining the unique ID of LVM & SCSI volumes (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - examples: Update strings for event details (Jiri Denemark)
> - qemu: Migrate at unlimited speed by default (Jiri Denemark)
> - qemu: Refactor parsing of block device IO tuning parameters. (Peter Krempa)
> - remote: Clean up coding style and refactor remote connection opening (Peter Krempa)
> - Allow rbd backing stores (Peter Feiner)
> - qemu: add two qemu caps for lsi and virtio-scsi SCSI controllers (Guannan Ren)
> - qemu: add capabilities flags related to scsi controller (Guannan Ren)
> - util: include stderr in log message when an external command fails (Laine Stump)
> - Turn virNetClient* into virObject instances (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Turn virNetServer* into virObject instances (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Turn virSocket into a virObject (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Turn virKeepAlive into a virObject (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Turn virNetSASLContext and virNetSASLSession into virObject instances (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Turn virNetTLSContext and virNetTLSSession into virObject instances (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Turn qemuAgentPtr and qemuMonitorPtr into virObjectPtr instances (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Turn virDomainObjPtr into a virObjectPtr (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Convert public datatypes to inherit from virObject (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Add a generic reference counted virObject type (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - apparmor: QEMU bridge helper policy updates (Richa Marwaha)
> - Add -netdev bridge support (Richa Marwaha)
> - Add -netdev bridge capabilities (Richa Marwaha)
> - virrandom: make virRandomInitialize an automatic one-shot (Eric Blake)
> - virsh: Use vshPrint instead of printf (Osier Yang)
> - xen-xm: Generate UUID if not specified (Jim Fehlig)
> - ESX: Add "Byte" datatype (Ata E Husain Bohra)
> - parallels: translate error message (Eric Blake)
> - Export virUUIDIsValid to libvirt internal code (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - qemu: Allow to attach/detach controller device persistently (Osier Yang)
> - Added timestamps to storage volumes (Hendrik Schwartke)
> - Update xml schemas according to libvirt source (Ján Tomko)
> - build: add stubs so mdns code can be unconditionally compiled (Eric Blake)
> - virsh: Switch to close callback (Michal Privoznik)
> - daemon: Portable auto-detection of driver module directory (Jiri Denemark)
> - build: Rename security manager library (Jiri Denemark)
> - build: Link security manager into libvirt.so (Jiri Denemark)
> - Rewrite virAtomic APIs using GLib's atomic ops code (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Remove manual one-shot global initializers (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - qemu: Add support for "none" USB controller (Peter Krempa)
> - domain_conf: Add helpers to verify if device configuration is valid (Peter Krempa)
> - domain_conf: Add USB controler model "none" (Peter Krempa)
> - storage: netfs and iscsi need option srcSpec for resource discovery (Guannan Ren)
> - maint: consolidate AUTHOR listings for Gerd von Egidy (Gerd v. Egidy)
> - parallels: implement VM creation (Dmitry Guryanov)
> - parallels: add storage driver (Dmitry Guryanov)
> - parallels: implement virDomainDefineXML operation for existing domains (Dmitry Guryanov)
> - parallels: add support of VNC remote display (Dmitry Guryanov)
> - parallels: get info about serial ports (Dmitry Guryanov)
> - parallels: implement functions for domain life cycle management (Dmitry Guryanov)
> - parallels: add functions to list domains and get info (Dmitry Guryanov)
> - add function virCommandNewVAList (Dmitry Guryanov)
> - parallels: add driver skeleton (Dmitry Guryanov)
> - Only perform symbol check against libvirt.so (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Don't link nwfilter or secrets driver to libvirt.so (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Remove bogus libvirt_network.syms file (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - build: Don't export xenLinuxDomainBlockStats symbol (Jiri Denemark)
> - Improve error message in LXC startup with network is not active (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Remove tabs from all perl files & enforce this (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Add handling for reboots of LXC containers (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Allow CAP_SYS_REBOOT on new enough kernels (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Run an RPC protocol over the LXC controller monitor (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Make RPC code generator a little more flexible (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Move LXC monitor code out into separate file (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Convert the LXC driver to use virNetClient (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Replace use of lxcError with virReportError (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Rename lxc_driver_t to virLXCDriver (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Rename all APIs in lxc_domain.c to have a virLXCDomain prefix (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Rename all APIs in lxc_process.c to have a virLXCProcess prefix (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Extend events demo to show close callbacks in use (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Update remote driver to support the connection close callbacks (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Add callback to virNetClient to be invoked on connection close (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Ensure client is marked for close in all error paths (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Add public API to register a callback to be invoked on connection close (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - esx: Improve error reporting for unknown VI types (Matthias Bolte)
> - security: Skip labeling resources when seclabel defaults to none (Jiri Denemark)
> - lib: Revert removing of Summary and Description fields in headers (Peter Krempa)
> - Add a test case that checks there are no bogus entries in .syms (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - virsh: Refactor error clearing on graceful fallback paths (Peter Krempa)
> - maint: don't permit format strings without % (Eric Blake)
> - maint: avoid empty regex in syntax checker (Eric Blake)
> - virsh: check if specified debug level is in range (Ján Tomko)
> - build: update to latest gnulib, for secure tarball (Eric Blake)
> - util: set minimum value of nodesuspend duration to 60 seconds (Guannan Ren)
> - virsh: Move command group definition into its own file (Osier Yang)
> - virsh: Split cmds in node device group from virsh.c (Osier Yang)
> - virsh: Split cmds in host group from virsh.c (Osier Yang)
> - virsh: Split cmds to manage domain snapshot from virsh.c (Osier Yang)
> - virsh: Split cmds to manage secret from virsh.c (Osier Yang)
> - virsh: Split cmds to manage network filter from virsh.c (Osier Yang)
> - virsh: Split cmds to manage host interface from virsh.c (Osier Yang)
> - virsh: Split cmds to manage network from virsh.c (Osier Yang)
> - virsh: Split cmds of storage pool group from virsh.c (Osier Yang)
> - virsh: Split cmds of storage volume group from virsh.c (Osier Yang)
> - virsh: Split cmds of domain group from virsh.c (Osier Yang)
> - virsh: Split cmds for domain monitoring from virsh.c (Osier Yang)
> - virsh: Move definition of cmds and cmd groups right at the top of main (Osier Yang)
> - daemon: Fix the wrong macro name (Osier Yang)
> - More advanced auto-detection of driver module directory (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - adding handling EINTR to poll to make it more robust (Royce Lv)
> - build: regenerate .png files (Eric Blake)
> - Make ESX & Hyper-V code generator safe with parallel builds (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - tests: Add support for catching domain XML parsing errors (Peter Krempa)
> - maint: Clean up coding style and fix error message spelling (Peter Krempa)
> - Fix test failure when no IPv6 is avail (Doug Goldstein)
> - vmx: handle shared folders parsing (Jean-Baptiste Rouault)
> - vmx: handle shared folders formatting (Jean-Baptiste Rouault)
> - openvz: Implement domainGetHostname (Guido Günther)
> - openvz: Add openvzVEGetStringParam (Guido Günther)
> - remote: Provide RPC call for domainGetHostname (Guido Günther)
> - virsh: Add domhostname (Guido Günther)
> - Report 'errno' in int1 field of virErrorPtr (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Use a hash table for storing MCS labels (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Fix error handling when adding MCS labels (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Use standard naming prefix for SELinux driver function names (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Disable NWFilter driver completely when unprivileged (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Replace use of custom macros with virReportError in the Xen drivers (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Make sure xenHypervisorInit correctly reports errors (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Ensure failure to talk to Xen hypervisor is fatal when privileged (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Using virOnce for global initialization (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Replace use of VMX_ERROR with virReportError (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Replace use of virNetError with virReportError (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Replace use of virConfError with virReportError (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Replace use of nodeReportError with virReportError (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Replace use of virSecurityReportError with virReportError (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Replace use of PHYP_ERROR with virReportError (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Replace use of HYPERV_ERROR with virReportError (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Replace use of ESX_ERROR & ESX_VI_ERROR with virReportError (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Replace use of virLockError with virReportError (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Replace use of libxlError with virReportError (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Add missing "%s" format string to constant error messages in lock manager (Jiri Denemark)
> - Add missing "%s" format string to constant error messages in libxl driver (Jiri Denemark)
> - Replace use of streamsReportError with virReportError (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Replace use of remoteError with virReportError (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Replace use of XENXS_ERROR with virReportError (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Replace use of openvzError with virReportError (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Fix Xen driver to have sensible error messages (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Move LXC process management code into separate file (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Move cgroup setup code out of lxc_controller.c (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Move LXC domain private data into separate file (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Replace use of vmwareError with virReportError (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Replace use of virCPUReportError with virReportError (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Replace use of testError with virReportError (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Replace use of vboxError with virReportError (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Replace use of xenapiError with virReportError (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Replace use of qemuReportError with virReportError (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - qemu: Add missing "%s" before translation macros (Peter Krempa)
> - Replace use of umlReportError with virReportError (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Add lots of internal symbols to libvirt_private.syms (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - If in delay close mode for an RPC client, don't read further data (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Add missing deps on driver modules in libvirt RPM (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Replace use of networkReportError with virReportError (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - maint: add mailmap entry for Dan Walsh (Eric Blake)
> - esx: Extend esxVI_CURL_Download for partial downloads (Matthias Bolte)
> - Replace use of interfaceReportError with virReportError (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Replace use of virNWFilterReportError with virReportError (Daniel P. Berrange)i Add missing "%s" with constant string error message in nwfilter_dhcpsnoop.c (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Add a sheepdog backend for the storage driver (Sebastian Wiedenroth)
> - Mount all tmpfs filesystems with correct SELinux label (Daniel J Walsh)
> - Replace use of virNodeDeviceReportError with virReportError (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Replace use of virSecretReportError with virReportError (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Replace use of virStorageReportError with virReportError (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Add missing "%s" format to const error message in RBD storage driver (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Convert all files in src/conf/ to use virReportError() (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Add missing _(...) around 2 error messages in test driver (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Fix parameter passed with VIR_ERR_INVALID_ARG in sanlock driver (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Convert all files in src/rpc/ to use virReportError() (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Convert (nearly) all files in src/util/ to use virReportError() (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Fix bogus cast to (int) in virNetServerMDNSTimeoutNew (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Add missing "%s" with constant string error message in stats_linux.c (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Remove newline from end of error message in virnodesuspend.c (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Add _(...) around two error messages in src/util/ (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Introduce virReportError macro for general error reporting (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - xenapi: Convert to virMacAddr (Jiri Denemark)
> - nwfilter: Convert to virMacAddrPtr not virMacAddrPtr* (Michal Privoznik)
> - nwfilter: Convert to virMacAddrPtr completely (Michal Privoznik)
> - Convert 'raw MAC address' usages to use virMacAddr (Stefan Berger)
> - Wire up handling for QMP's BALLOON_EVENT (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Define public API for receiving guest memory balloon events (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - ARMHF: CPU Support for armhf. (Chuck Short)
> - Support creation of sparse LVM volumes (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Remove all use of virRun in storage code (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - test: Add test case for nodeinfotest if host machine doesn't have NUMA (Peter Krempa)
> - test: Add new test case for nodeinfotest (Peter Krempa)
> - nodeinfo: Fix gathering of nodeinfo data structure (Peter Krempa)
> - nodeinfo_test: Enhance test data before changing nodeinfo gathering (Peter Krempa)
> - S390: Adding testcases for s390 (Viktor Mihajlovski)
> - S390: Domain Schema for s390-virtio machines. (Viktor Mihajlovski)
> - S390: Add support for virtio-s390 devices. (Viktor Mihajlovski)
> - qemu: Change tests to use (modified) qemuDomainAssignAddresses (Viktor Mihajlovski)
> - qemu: Extended qemuDomainAssignAddresses to be callable from everywhere. (Viktor Mihajlovski)
> - build: detect all improper uses of _("%s") (Eric Blake)
> - maint: update preferred contributor name (Eric Blake)
> - storage_conf: Break long line and polish coding style (Peter Krempa)
> - esx: Wrap libcurl multi handle (Matthias Bolte)
> - Switch to using virNetServer APIs for monitor socket (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Move loop device setup code into virfile.{c,h} (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Move cgroup objects into virLXCControllerPtr (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Move monitor into virLXCControllerPtr (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Move /dev/pts setup out of virLXCControllerRun (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Move security manager into virLXCControllerPtr object (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Move loop device FDs into virLXCControllerPtr object (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Move daemon handshake FD into virLXCControllerPtr (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Make console handling part of virLXCControllerPtr (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Store the init PID in the virLXCController object (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Move veth device management into virLXCControllerPtr object (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Introduce a virLXCControllerPtr object to hold LXC controller state (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Allow RPC server to run single threaded (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Add a opaque parameter to the RPC client init callback (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - vmware: detect when a domain was shut down from the inside (Jean-Baptiste Rouault)
> - Added the attribute vendor_id to the cpu model (Hendrik Schwartke)
> - qemu: add rbd to whitelist of migration-safe formats (Josh Durgin)
> Cleanups:
> - atomic: fix whitespace in previous patch (Eric Blake)
> - virsh: drop unused headers (Eric Blake)
> - maint: prohibit translations in testsuite (Eric Blake)
> - Fix syntax-check failures wrt virsh (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - virsh: kill some double underscores (Eric Blake)
> - Fix the indentions of libvirt.h.in (Osier Yang)
> - build: fix syntax check during 'make distcheck' (Eric Blake)
> - Move some SASL symbols into libvirt_sasl.syms (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Remove unused qemuProcessAutoDestroyRun decl from header (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - maint: drop a leftover comment line (Eric Blake)
> - Destroy virdomainlist.[ch] (Osier Yang)
> - qemu:rename qemuCheckScsiControllerModel function (Guannan Ren)
> - Don't check the 'connect' command in virsh-all test (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - build: drop conditional use of mdns code (Eric Blake)
> - Remove unused uuidstr variable from datatypes.c (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Fix indentions (Osier Yang)
> - gitignore: Reorder alphabetically (Michal Privoznik)
> - spec: Remove extra () with return statement (Jiri Denemark)
> - conf: Remove dead code from virConsoleOpen() (Peter Krempa)
> - python: Don't generate bodies for close callback functions (Peter Krempa)
> - maint: regenerate bootstrap (Eric Blake)
> - Remove accidentally commited virNetClientSetEOFNotify symbol (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Remove two non-existant NWFilter driver symbols from .syms (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - tests: reduce length of nodeinfodata test names (Eric Blake)
> - rpc: remove trailing whitespace character in error string (Guannan Ren)
> - po: avoid spurious double spaces in messages (Eric Blake)
> - virsh: remove extra space between function name and opening brace (Guido Günther)
> - maint: revert gnulib update, until fixed automake is in more distros (Eric Blake)
> - maint: use full author name for previous commit (Eric Blake)
>    That's a long list, a very long list, so thanks everybody for the
> huge work, be it with patches, bug reports, documentation fixes, etc. !
> Daniel
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