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Re: [libvirt] Release of libvirt-0.10.0

On 29.08.2012 09:15, Guido Günther wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 29, 2012 at 01:26:54PM +0800, Daniel Veillard wrote:
>>   As planned, I tagged the release this morning and pushed the builds
>> at the usual place:
>>    ftp://libvirt.org/libvirt/
> With this (also with 0.10.0rc2) kvm domains won't start giving:
> $ virsh start foo
> error: Failed to start domain foo
> error: internal error security image label already defined for VM
> We have selinux disabled (--without-selinux). I didn't have a chance to
> have a closer look (and possibly won't be for the next days) but I at
> least wanted to report this here.
> Cheers,
>  -- Guido

Running a git-bisect shows it's me who broke it:

commit 9f9b7b85c9b422e8f4e813f3920bf8f433246a4a
Author:     Michal Privoznik <mprivozn redhat com>
AuthorDate: Fri Aug 24 12:36:03 2012 +0200
Commit:     Michal Privoznik <mprivozn redhat com>
CommitDate: Fri Aug 24 17:19:25 2012 +0200

    security: Add DAC to security_drivers
    Currently, if users set 'security_driver="dac"' in qemu.conf libvirtd
    fails to initialize as DAC driver is not found because it is missing
    in our security drivers array.

However, yesterday I was trying current HEAD (I mean current at that time) and it worked.
The quick fix is to set security_driver="none" in qemu.conf.


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