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Re: [libvirt] libvirt current git & F18

On 12/06/2012 01:22 PM, Jim Fehlig wrote:
Gene Czarcinski wrote:
Anyone know of problems with the libvirt based on today's git and
Fedora 18.  Trying to rebuild some rpms which build fine on Fedora 17
fail on Fedora 18.  It appears that it may be related to xen-devel.
Fedora 18 has Xen 4.2 right?  If you have xen-devel installed, the
configure script will detect and enable the libxl driver, which was
written against Xen 4.1 libxl.  But Xen 4.2 libxl is incompatible with
4.1 libxl, so your build will fail.  I have a patch to convert the
driver to Xen 4.2 libxl


You can disable building the driver in the meantime with --without-libxl.
Thank you, thank you.

I have been having some problems getting F18-beta installed and did not need additional problems trying to get 1.0.0 with my patches up.

Mmmm.  This reminds me of the issue under F17 with libnl3.


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