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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH 0/4] Add new APIs and virsh commands to get/set cpu mode

On 12/10/2012 06:19 AM, Ichikawa, Ken wrote:

This patchset adds new APIs virDomainGetCPUMode and virDomainSetCPUMode,
and adds new virsh commands cpu-getmode and cpu-setmode by using these APIs.

virDomainGetCPUMode allows to get cpu mode of a running or persistent domain.
virDomainSetCPUMode allows to set cpu mode of a persistent domain.

These APIs and virsh commands are useful because:
  - No longer need to mess around with XML for changing cpu mode.
  - People who want more performance can change cpu mode easily.
  - If there is a person who has a trouble with host-mode and
    host-passthrough, we can help easily by one-liner like
      "# virsh cpu-setmode <domain> custom"
    Then, default cpu is used after next boot.

Specifying custom mode without allowing to either provide the full CPU
XML element or additional arguments like cpu model, features, matching
policy, etc..,, doesn't seem to be right.
On the other hand, allowing this would reduce the benefit of your
Since this is an operation that works only on the persistent
configuration I would maintain that it is acceptable to modify
the domain definition, e.g. by means of virsh edit.


Mit freundlichen Grüßen/Kind Regards
   Viktor Mihajlovski

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